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Analytical Instruments

Pioneers in the industry, we offer zeta potential analyzer, milk analyzer, visible spectrophotometer, dft meters, high performance liquid chromatography and carbon analyzer from India.
Zeta Potential Analyzer

Zeta Potential Analyzer

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  • Zeta potential and particle size measurements with real time observation!
  • Zeta potential measurement in microscopic electrophoresis
  • Particle identification and automatic tracking in image processing
  • Direct observation of nanopaticles by scattered ligh
  • Direct observation of nano particles using scattered light.
  • The captured still images are saved every second,
  • which enable the remeasurements.


Application Fields



Water treatment, waterworks, flocculation agents, dispersants, flocculation control, microorganisms, planktons, asbestos, bubbles, soil, beneficiation technology, and etc.


Functional material development According materials, pigments, ceramics, catalytic agents, polymers, carbon black, carbon nanotubes, inkjet inks, aqueous/non-aqueous solvent paints, fuel cells, coating materials (for automobile parts / electronic parts), paper manufacturing, surface active agents, and etc.

Life Science

Erythrocyte, biological cells, protein, DDS, liposome, vesicle, drug discovery, and etc.




  • Zeta Potential Measurement
  • Microscopic electrophoresis method
  • Automatic tracking in image processing
  • Visual and manual measurement of individual particles
  • Image capture of particles
  • Image archive / Remeasurement function
  • PC-controlled instrument
  • Stage control / Voltage feedback control / Switching control for optical system


Analysis modes:


Mobility / histogram / frequency curve / mean value / peak value / dispersion / flow velocity distribution / pH responsiveness / isoelectric point / digitization size and zeta potential / temporal change


Product model


Zeta potential measurement range

-200 to 200 mV


-20 to 20 cm2/sec⋅V

Particle size range for zeta potential measurement

20 nm to 100 µm

Supply voltage

0 to 350V DC *Applicable voltage to electrodes (compatible with external power supply)


25 kg

Power supply

AC100V 1A 50/60 Hz

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Milk Analyzer

Milk Analyzer

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We offer milk analyzer to our clients. It gives accurate reading for the fat content of the milk sample. It is connected with an electronic Milk Analyzer to improve its accuracy of fat reading of the milk. The milk analyzer is an automated unit and is easy to use. It is vastly used in co-operative / private milk society where the fat content of the milk sample is frequently measured by various members.


We offer latest designed ultrasonic milk analyzer which is efficient in giving correct measurement of fat content in the milk. The advantage of the analyzer over other conventional electronic Milk Analyzer is that it is fully automated. In case of the conventional one, it requires to move 3 times the handle of milk tester for having the fat reading. In a co-operative / private milk society, there are usually hundreds of members working with it. Speed of handle movement for 3 times may vary with each member causing variation in the readings of fat. The error in the fat reading is loss to either the society or the member. The problem can be overcome by our ultrasonic milk analyzer which is an automation unit. An existing Milk Analyzer (any make) is connected with our automation unit with ease. The handle movement of the Milk Analyzer is started automatically once the press button is pressed. After every 3 strokes, reading of the fat content of the milk sample is displayed.


The measurement accuracy is not dependant on milk's acidity. High-end ultrasonic technology is used for analyzing any kind of milk.


  • Easily readable results.
  • Possibility of connecting pH probe.
  • Integrated pH and conductivity measuring.
  • Self calibration without computer.


Key Features of Milk Analyzer:


  • User-friendly, simple in operation , maintenance , calibration and installation
  • Portable and compact design
  • Very small quantity of milk required
  • Low power consumption
  • No use of hazardous chemicals
  • One year full waranty
  • RS 232 interface
  • ESC POS printer support
  • Two samples self-calibration.
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Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Visible Spectrophotometer

Visible Spectrophotometer

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Product Details:
Model No / Item CodeBS-3000
Data Output PortUSB/RS-232
Usage / ApplicationFor Research Use, In-Vitro Diagnostic Use, Veterinary Use, Clinical Use, Hospital Use
We Jupiter Scientific Company, are top notch suppliers of Visible Spectrophotometer.
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DFT Meters
  • DFT Meters
  • DFT Meters

DFT Meters

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Product Details:
Model Name / NumberPosiTest DFT
Measuring Range0 to 1000 um
Accuracy2 um + 3%
Size108 x 43 x 20 mm

We are the leading supplier and trader of DFT Meters .The PosiTest DFT comes in two models — DFT Ferrous, which measures nonmagnetic coatings on steel, and DFT Combo, which measures those, plus nonconductive coatings on materials such as aluminum and brass. The Combo automatically identifies the substrate as it takes a measurement.


Both models are 4 inches long and feature fast, repeatable measurements, no calibration required for most applications, a ZERO feature for rough or curved surfaces, a RESET feature when no zero reference is available, a wear-resistant ruby-tipped probe, audible and visible measurement indication, and switchability between mils and microns. The device measures 0 to 40 mils.


Measurement Range: 0 – 40 mils(0 – 1000 μm)

Accuracy: ± (0.1 mils + 3%) / ± (2 μm + 3%)

Size: 108 x 43 x 20 mm (4.25 " x 1.7" x 0.8")

Weight : 54 g (1.9 oz.) without batteries


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High Performance Liquid Chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

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We are a leading importer & trader of High Performance Liquid Chromatography .Our range consists of Gas Chromatograph, High performance liquid chromatograph, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, concentration Evaporator, High purity gas generator and portable dedicated analyzer Used in various laboratories, can be changed during the analysis allowing gradient elution, continual mobile phase degassing and Column temperature stabilization. Manual injection is possible in this equipment using loop injector.research institute and academics. Our products are widely appreciated by the custmors for there reliability, accuracy, up time and quick support.We are a leading importer & trader of High Performance Liquid Chromatography.



  • Ultra speed data processing
  • YL-Clarity designed for all you need in the lab
  • Enhanced superior performance
  • Versatile dedicated applications
  • Accurate and reliable data
  • Stylish and compact design.
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Carbon Analyzer

Carbon Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of all kind of Carbon Analyzer.The CM120 Total Carbon Analyzer is a complete analytical system capable of measuring total carbon in a wide variety of sample types and matrices. Combining a high-temperature combustion furnace with a highly sensitive CO2 detector, the CM120 is capable of analyzing samples containing total carbon concentrations from ppm levels to 100% without user calibration.

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Hydrogen Analyzer

Hydrogen Analyzer

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We are the leading importer & supplier of all kind of Hydrogen Analyzer . Utilizing a unique, patented electrochemical sensor, the CHA outputs a continuous signal corresponding directly to the hydrogen concentration. Used in conjunction with real-time controls, alarms, and shut-off mechanisms, the CHA responds immediately to changing hydrogen levels for improved operations and safety. Unlike thermal conductivity-based hydrogen analyzers, the CHA measures hydrogen directly and specifically. Built around a polymer membrane with proton-conducting properties, the CHA sensor detects hydrogen concentrations ranging from 400 ppm to 100% by volume in discrete ranges with 1% accuracy or better (dependent upon sample concentration and reference gas composition). Installation, Calibration, and Maintenance Depending on the application, a sample gas stream is typically diverted to the CHA from the makeup gas line, reactor outlet, stabilizer offgas, or power generator casing. As it exits the analyzer, the sample stream can either be vented or returned to the process. Installation is easily completed by plant personnel. Upon installation, the analyzer is calibrated for measuring hydrogen concentration within a discrete, specified range. Using two calibration gases of known concentration and a specific, continuous flowing reference gas, a simple two-point calibration is completed in less than 30 minutes. Thereafter, calibration checks are recommended every three months, or when the reference gas cylinder is changed. With no moving parts and extremely high stability, the CHA requires very little maintenance. Commercial uptime is reported to exceed 99%.
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Particle Size Analyzer

Particle Size Analyzer

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We are dealing all kind of practical analyzer to our customers.


Product Description:


  • Name: Laser particle sizer; Particle size analyser.
  • Puopose: Measure and analyze the particle size distribution of powders or suspensions.



  • Measurement range: 0.1-500microns;
  • Repeatability: 1% for standard samples;
  • Number of detectors: 54
  • Light source: He-Ne laser, 2mW, 0.6328 microns;
  • Report items: Particle size distribution table and curves, average diameter Dv50, other Diameters and Specific surface area.



  • Easy to operate: After "start", the system automatically leads the user through the whole measurement process from loading samples, beam alignment, background measurement, obscuration adjustment, measuring, reporting and system cleaning until the reports.
  • Prior set up of measurement modes;
  • Automatic instrument status check;
  • Robust design;
  • Range of easy-to-change sample feeder including standard, small volume and erosion-proof system;
  • Compact structure: The measurement unit an sample feeder, ultra sonic bath are combined so that the complete system is 650X465X375mm.
  • Portable Analyzer
  • Protein Analyzer
  • Soil Analyzer Kit.
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Dust Monitoring System

Dust Monitoring System

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We are the leading supplier and trader of al kind of dust monitoring system to customers based on need. Our Dust Monitoring System is very cost effective and durable to compare other products


  • Technique: Tribo - Electric charge transfer
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable over a wide dynamic range Operating Temp (Ambient): -15 to 50 deg. C
  • Operating Temp (Gas): -15 to 250 deg. c ("T" Model up to 700 deg. c)
  • Ranges: l-l,000mg/m3
  • Response Time: Instantaneous Duct Width: 25mm to 2.2m
  • Positioning: 90 deg. C to Duct Wall
  • Communications Path Length: Up to 1.000 meters
  • Socket: Single 1 Flat Flanged
  • Fitting Construction: 315 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Sensor Length: 25,100 or 200mm (or customized) Sensor Diameter: 10mm Size of Attachment: 115X65X55 mm Insulation: PTFE (T Model - Glass Ceramic) Operating Temperature: -15 deg. C to 55 deg. C Display: LCD Alphanumeric Alarms: Green - Normal, Yellow-Warning, Red - High Alarm Averaging Time: Programmable Up to One Hour Output - Remote Alarm: Single Pole Relay 21V Output - Remote data: 4-20mA Continuous Output.
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Airborne Particulate Monitor

Airborne Particulate Monitor

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We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading a wide range of Dust Monitor in India. This is the most cost-effective dust monitor model, equipped with a semiconductor laser. It is excellent for measuring at the medium to long distances ( 3 - 10 m) and medium high concentrations. ( 25 mg/m3). Main


  • Direct continuous measurement of opacity or optical density
  • Small, lightweight and easy


Airborne Particulate Monitor provides accurate and instantaneous display of concentration readings on lung damaging particulates and aerosols. AA-3500 is a portable handheld survey tool for measuring lung damaging particulate matter. The unique sensor design has applications in indoor air quality (IAQ), HVAC, environmental and industrial hygiene. Results are immediately displayed and stored in memory. The supplied PC software allows for graphical and statistical representation of the total dust generating process, eliminating the need for repetitive and costly filter gravimeter laboratory analysis.

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Particulate Ambient Air Sampler

Particulate Ambient Air Sampler

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Leveraging upon our industry experience, we are importing and supplying an exclusive range of Double Pass Dust Monitor. This instrument is sourced from some of the leading manufactures of the global industry in compliance with international quality protocols. We ensure our clients that the offered product is meticulously tested on predefined quality parameters and is used in various industries for monitoring dust emissions.

Our offered assortment is appreciated for:

  • High quality Portable Particulate Ambient Air Sampler is a battery-operated
  • filter-based gravimetric survey particulate air sample
  • Designed for ambient monitoring of PM-10, PM-2.5, PM-1.0 micrometers, and TSP
  • Excellent tool for trend analysis and air quality monitoring
  • low cost filter gravimeter air sampler that is easy to use and requires no specialized skills to setup
  • Small, durable, lightweight and battery operated
  • it is ideal for monitoring in remote areas or where no permanent site has been established
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Industrial Air Quality Monitor

Industrial Air Quality Monitor

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Analyzer to measure the opacity or dust concentration of sample gas. Suitable for plants which require the monitoring of dust missions by law.



  • Suitable for systems with variable gas speed
  • Allows calibration to measure the dust concentration in mg/m3
  • Measures opacity and/or optical density
  • Can be used even at thick-walled stone / insulated ducts
  • Device is not in contact with sample gas


The Industrial Air Quality Monitor Model AQ-10, is a versatile transducer designed to continuously monitor for the presence of airborne particulates. The AQ-10 is calibrated for OSHA and EPA regulations.AQ-10 is suitable for monitoring particulate emissions from cyclones, precipitators, bag houses, or any dust control devices. It is also ideal for monitoring air quality in underground transportation systems, ventilation systems, indoor workplaces, or any other application where immediate data on smoke, dust, fumes, or mists is needed. The AQ-10warns you of problems before they become trouble.The AQ-10 easily mounts on walls inside air ducts or at strategic locations in dust collectors, bag houses, or any dust control device.

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Frequency Response Analyzer

Frequency Response Analyzer

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The FRAnalyzer detects defects in power transformer windings and faults in the magnetic core. After the transport of transformers to site and following through faults with high currents the frequency response test should be made to ensure that the windings were not damaged.


precise measurement of gain and phase between any two points in a system. This fully digital technique is used to assess the performance of both simple and complex systems - mechanical, electronic and electrochemical. Analytical have produced frequency response analyzers, instruments which are regarded throughout the world as industry standards. This unsurpassed knowledge and experience has been used to produce the 1252A.

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Gas Chromatography Machine

Gas Chromatography Machine

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We are the leading supplier and traders of all kind of Gas Chromatography Machine .specially designed instrument. A very small amount of liquid mixture is injected into the instrument and is volatilized in a hot injection chamber. Then, it is swept by a stream of inert carrier gas through a heated column which contains the stationary, high-boiling liquid. As the mixture travels through this column, its components go back and forth at different rates between the gas phase and dissolution in the high-boiling liquid.


In the New Series Gas Chromatography, technology has been utilized to its maximum so as to include automation, upgradation, convenience and affordability, all in one product. Possibilities of using the GC in packed, capillary or combination configurations, makes this instrument ideal for the widest range of applications. A function based integrated keyboard makes system operation and navigation simple and intuitive. The ability to have four injector and detector ports ensure covenient adaptation to suit specific needs


Product Features:


  • Capillary and packed column configurations
  • 4 injector and detector ports
  • Functional keyboard
  • Menu driven navigation
  • Responsive and informative two single line displays
  • 10 Method file storage
  • Multilevel temperature programming
  • Method linking facility for sequencing
  • Temperature range from -99°C to 450°C
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Stack Gas Analyzers

Stack Gas Analyzers

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Telegan Gas Monitoring and its exclusive industry partner, Anton Industrial Services, are providing a fleet of flue gas analysers and gas detectors to all Gas Safe Register™ inspectors. The contract involves 106 award-winning Telegan ‘Sprint V’ multi-purpose flue gas analysers and 106 Crowcon (Telegan’s parent company) ‘Eikon’ carbon monoxide monitors. Gas Safe Register™ replaced the CORGI gas registration scheme in Great Britain and the Isle of Man on April 1, 2009


The Sprint V is Bluetooth™-enabled and features a flue gas analyser, a differential thermometer, a differential manometer, a carbon monoxide room safety monitor and a gas escape detector with gooseneck probe and ultra-bright LED searchlight as standard – all in one small handheld unit. An important feature of the Sprint V is ‘Smart Purge’ technology, which cleans out potentially acidic gases from the unit. This helps save battery, pump and filter life, enables intelligent purging for switch-on and switch-off, and allows the purging of gas while other tests are being carried out. The Sprint V has already been awarded ‘Gas Safety Product of the Year’ in industry awards.


The Crowcon Eikon is a small, disposable single-gas detector guaranteed to operate without the need for parts or maintenance for two years. It is ideal for temporary use by inspectors and on-site contractors. In addition to carbon monoxide, versions are also available to detect ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, or for oxygen deficiency monitoring. Sealed to IP65, the Eikon warns of gas hazards with a powerful 94 dBA alarm and four high-intensity LEDs visible from all angles.


Commenting on the contract, Louise Early, Crowcon and Telegan’s product manager said, “We are very pleased to work in partnership with Anton on this tender. The support that Anton offer is second to none and their relationship with Corgi and now Gas Safe Register is a testament to this. The deal also reinforces our reputation as one of the leading suppliers of gas safety equipment to the UK’s utility industries.”

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Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

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Mainly used to analyze the O2 and CO2 contents of CA storage rooms. It uses digital display, and is straightforward , precise, stable and quick in response.


This product is mainly used to analyze the O2 and CO2 contents of CA storage rooms. It uses digital display, and is straightforward , precise, stable and quick in response. It uses parts produced by famous international manufacturers and is highly reliable. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery, and can work directly or on an external power supply


Main functions and specifications:

  • Temperature range: 10 35 Humidity range: ≤90%RH
  • Display: LCD nixie tubes
  • Sampling: with a pump
  • External size: 310×260×145mm
  • Weight: 5.4kg
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Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

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We have a variety of such meters and all these units deliver higher reliability and accurate results. These Dissolved Oxygen Meters are made by using latest sensor and electronic technology. Bringing high level of performance and reliability, these Dissolved Oxygen Meters are perfect for sampling applications in wastewater, surface water or aquaculture.


These Dissolved Oxygen Meters are water proof and come with water-resistant case with single-handed operation feature. These Dissolved Oxygen Meters show results in either % oxygen saturation or PPM (mg / L) values with temperature, salinity and pressure compensation. For easy calibration in a saturated air environment a push button has been used. These units can store up to 16 sets of temperature and Dissolved Oxygen values. The large LCD display enables you to read readings for Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature simultaneously.


Apart from Handheld units our Dissolved Oxygen Meters also available in various designs such as Portable, Benchtop and compact.




  • Easy to Calibrate
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Microprocessor Based for fast and accurate readings
  • Large LCD display
  • Low-battery and consumption indicator
  • Auto shut off function if not in use






0 to 19.99 mg/L

0 to 40 %

- 10 to 45°C


+ / - 1.5 % FS

+ / - 1.5 % FS

+ / - 0.3°C (0.5°F)


0.01 mg/L

0.1 %

0.1°C (0.2°F)

Sanity Compensation

Manual, 0 to 50ppt

Altitude Compensation

Manual, 555 to 808 mmHg

Temperature Compensation

Automatic 5 to 45°C (41 to 113°F)


20 to 9% in air or 0 % in known solution


9 Volt DC Battery




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Particle Shape Analyzer

Particle Shape Analyzer

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We are the leading suppler and trader of all kind of Particle size analyze (1 µm - 2.000 µm ). Ideal for automation of measurement series: 26 positions for 40 ml containers are available for complete sample feeding, automatic dispersion, measurement and cleaning.


Overview of the features:


  • 26 positions for 40 ml containers
  • Complete sample feeding via tilt function
  • Programmable rinsing function for each container
  • Automatic SOP control of all processes
  • Retrofittable for the FRITSCH Wet Dispersion Unit
  • The NEW AutoSampler can be combined with both models of the FRITSCH Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22.
  • Choose according to your needs!
  • ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus - the perfect all-round-laser with a measuring range of 0.08 - 2000 μm for all typical measurement tasks
  • ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus - the high-end instrument for measurements down to the nano range - for maximum precision and sensitivity for the smallest particles through the measurement of the backward scattering in a third laser beam
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Amino Acid Analyzer

Amino Acid Analyzer

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High Speed Amino Acid Analyzer from Hitachi


Hitachi has manufactured over 1800 Amino Acid Analyzers for over40 years. The L-8900 is capable of analyzing physiological fluids and protein hydrolysates. If you have special requirements, the L-8900 is the one to choose! Hitachi offers the best solution to amino acid analysis.

High Sensitivity: Reaction Column vs. Reaction Coil:


In conventional analyzers, sample zone spreading within the reaction coil causes adverse effects on separation. The L-8900 features a special reaction column (patent pending) to maintain good separation of the sample zone and yet offering high sensitivity and high-speed analysis.


Performance (Using Protein Hydrolysate Analysis - 30 min Standard Analysis Method)

Net Analysis Time

30 min

Reproducibility of Retention Time

CV 0.3% (Arg), 0.5% (Ala)

Reproducibility of Peak Area

CV 1.0% (Gly, His)

Detection Limit

3 pmol (S/N = 2, Asp)


Amino Acid Analyzer Main Unit


Size: 4.6 mm i.d. x 60 mm
(Resin: 3-µm Hitachi Customer Ion Exchange Resin)

Injection Pump

Pressure: 0 - 20 Mpa (2900 psi)
Flow Rate: 0.00 - 0.99 mL/min


Injection Methods

Direct injection method

Sample Vial Capacity

1.5 mL

Number of Sample Vials Accommodated

200 (200 when optional cooler installed)

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Dilution Sampling System

Dilution Sampling System

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Dilution Sampling System .High Speed: Operating at speeds up to 10 Hz, the system provides nearly instantaneous adjustment of sample flow.


  • Remote Dilution: US EPA regulations and sound engineering practice dictate that, when measuring exhaust particulate mass, the full flow of exhaust must be maintained at the exhaust temperature, and that the exhaust sample may only be transported a limited distance prior to dilution for measurement. Once the sample has been diluted, the aerosol is stabilized, and the diluted exhaust sample may be transported as needed to reach the measurement device. While large trucks may be able to contain the measuring equipment within the required distance of the exhaust, it is difficult, if not impossible to do so with smaller vehicles. For this reason, Sensors has developed a remote diluter, which is compatible with the SEMTECH Micro Proportional Sampling (MPS) System.
  • Configurable Dilution Ratios: The unit can be set to dilution ratios ranging from 4:1 to 60:1.
  • Direct Sample Path: Diluted sample is routed directly from the MPS to the PFS through a gas interconnect, which joins the bottom outlet of the MPS module to the top inlet of the PFS module.
  • Graphical Panel Display: A full color, graphic touch screen displays live data, and enables system setup and basic functions.
  • Power Supply Monitoring: Power can be either 12 VDC, 110 VAC or 220 VAC, with both current and voltage monitoring.
  • Weatherproof Construction: All components meet IP54 (NEMA 3) standards.
  • Shock Resistance: The mechanical design has been optimized for resistance to shock and vibration, ensuring data in the most rugged of in-use environments.
  • Design Details: Over a decade of experience in in-use emissions testing has gone into the design details of the SEMTECH ECOSTAR system, including:
  • EMI protection, including gaskets, filters and capped connectors
  • Stress relief for pneumatic connections
  • Channels for cable management
  • Standard Swagelok™ bulkhead connectors
  • Rugged Deutsch connectors for power and auxiliary connectors
  • Handles that lock to other SEMTECH ECOSTAR modules for stable system integration



12VDC; 110-220 VAC

Storage temperature:

Dry -10°C to 60°C

Operating environment:

-10°C to 45°C


43.6cm x 30.8cm x 18.0cm (WxDxH)


19 kg

Data transmission:

Ethernet, USB

Electromagnetic interference and susceptibility:

CE Standards: IEC 61326: 2002-2

Sample flow rate:

< 5.0 l/min

Outlet flow:

up to 14 l/min

Constant dilution ratio:

User selectable 4:1 to 60:1

Proportional dilution ratio:

5:1 to 7:1 at maximum exhaust flow

Operating speed:

10 Hz



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Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of all kind of Thermal Conductivity Analyzer .For over a decade, C-Therm's instrumentation has been pioneering the way many of the world’s most prominent manufacturers, research facilities, and academic institutions test and measure thermal properties of solids, liquids, pastes and powders. The technology behind the C-Therm TCi™ represents a paradigm shift in thermal conductivity measurement and earned the R&D 100 Award. This coveted international distinction is given to the top 100 innovations worldwide, and puts the technology in the distinguished company of other winners, including the ATM, Polaroid film, and anti-lock brakes.


The technology has since been broadly applied by clients the world-over in characterizing metal hydrides, explosives, nano materials (SWCNTs / MWCNTs), polymers, nuclear materials, thermal interface materials (electronics), heat transfer fluids, ceramics, insulation, construction materials, advanced fabrics, and various other materials.


Features of the C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer include:


  • Fast, Accurate Testing, 0 to 120 W/mK in seconds
  • Wide Temperature Range, -50º to 200ºC
  • Easy-to-Use, No calibration required
  • No Sample Preparation, Unlimited sample sizes
  • Non-Destructive, Leaves sample intact
  • Versatile, Tests solids, liquids, powders and pastes. And have the flexibility to operate in various environmental enclosures - including thermal chambers and glove boxes.
  • Highly Flexible, Designed for lab, QC, and at-line testing.
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Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measurement is the standard method for the evaluation of organic matter content in domestic and industrial wastes, as well as in surface and ground waters. It is also used routinely for testing purified water needed for semiconductor, pharmaceutical and power-generation industries. The amount of organic matter present in water is an important criterion for its quality. The Shimadzu TOC-VCPH Carbon Analyzer is used for determination of organic and inorganic carbon in liquid samples. Nitrogen concentration can also be monitored in parallel, by using the nitrogen detection accessory. Another accessory facilitates the analysis of solid samples for both organic and inorganic carbon. For Total Carbon (TC) Analysis, a liquid sample is combusted at 680oC in the combustion tube, where it is converted to CO2 and H2O. The CO2 is swept by the carrier gas through a dehumidifier, to be measured by the Infrared Detector. A wide range of carbon concentrations, between 0.004 and 25,000 mg/l, can be measured directly in this manner. Measurements are calibrated using external standards. For Inorganic Carbon (IC) Analysis, the sample is acidified in the
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Water Analyzer Kit

Water Analyzer Kit

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We are the leading supplier and trader of all kind of water analyzer kits. This portable lab measures 24 water quality parameters for pollution detection, environmental studies, and industrial water and wastes. The SMART2 digital colorimeter analyzes test sample color reactions and provides direct readouts for 15 factors. Titration tests performed with LaMotte’s Direct Reading Titrators provide results directly in ppm for 6 additional factors. Digital meters measure pH and conductivity.

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Absorption Analyzers

Absorption Analyzers

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We are the leading supplier & traders of various kind Absorption Analyzers.unique light path design reliable flame safety system automatic four-lamp turret system small flame structure analysis system Manufacturer of hydrogen analyzer, moisture analyzer, oxygen analyzer, portable analyzer, stack gas analyzers, sulphur analyzer, water analyzer, absorption analyzers, amino acid analyzer, analyzer systems, turbidity analyzers and moisture analyzer.


physisorption instruments measure surface area and pore size. Chemisorption instruments measure metal dispersion and metal surface area. The one-port analysis manifold/vacuum system and two-port degas manifold/vacuum system are independent and operate concurrently. Powerful windows® based operating program. Includes dft plus® ( nldft ) software.


Accelerated surface area and porosimetry analyzer uses the gas sorption technique to generate high-quality data for research and quality control applications. Available options include the micropore option, the high-vac option, and the chemisorption option, which uses the static volumetric technique to determine the percent metal dispersion, active metal surface area, size of active

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Analytical Instruments

Analytical Instruments

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We are the leading supplier of various kind of Analytical Instruments in qualitative range. Our Analytical instruments provides the ultimate tool for sorption science. An uncompromising attitude to system design & a decade of experience in solving problems in sorption science in some of the most prestigious laboratories around the world makes Hidden Analytical the obvious & only choice for a sorption analyzer.


It accurately measure the magnitude & dynamics of gas & vapour sorption on materials. The special method exploits the relaxation behavior of the interaction process after pressure/gas composition/temperature changes to simultaneously evaluate kinetic parameters & the asymptotic uptake. This integrates precise computer-control & measurement of weight change, pressure, temperature, gas flow & composition. The system can automatically & reproducibly measure sorption isotherms/isobars as well as investigating thermal desorption in diverse operating conditions.




  • Ultra-sensitive microbalance mounted in thermostatted heatsink to provide high resolution & precise long-term stability.
  • Pressure vessel incorporating all-metal seals designed to UHV standards to allow measurements from high vacuum to high pressure.
  • Basic models can be upgraded to extend their range of applications, as your research program develops.
  • State-of-the-art pressure control system capable of accurately controlling the pressure of gases & vapours across eight decades of pressure measurement.
  • Versatile temperature controller for ramp & set-point operations in the temperature range from cryogenic to 1000°C. Internal temperature probe to measure sample temperature.
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Battery Analyzer

Battery Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier of various kind of Analytical Instruments Battery Analyzer. Digital Power Supply With Reconditioning System. Voltage & Ampere Checking With Continuity Buzzer. Facility To Charge Mobile Batteries And Many Such Batteries. Speaker, Ringer, & Vibrator Checking Facility Available. We bring forth an extensive range of altech 6v 4.5 ah battery, which is made by using quality assured raw material.These batteries are appreciated due to their salient features like high recharge ability & efficiency, low maintenance and resistance to leakage. Available in varying capacities and sizes, our range is offered at the economical prices.

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Chemiluminescence Analyzers

Chemiluminescence Analyzers

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We are the leading supplier and trader of all kind of Chemiluminescence Analyzers


Detailed Product Description:


  • Sample form: 96 holes or bars
  • Linear range: 100_2000k relative light units
  • Sensitivity: Tsh analyzing sensitivity ≤ 0.01uiu/ml
  • Interference between adjacent holes: Less than 1× 10-6
  • Repeatability: CV<2%
  • Detecting speed: 96 holes in 3 minutes (96 holes sample test)
  • Time of measurement: 0.1-6s/hole
  • Barcode identification: Barcode is used for the parameters of all matching reagent in order to facilitate using, handling and storage of the end-user, and to reduce artificial error as well.
  • Communication port: RS232 serial port or USB high speed port.
  • Operation environment: 110-250vac, 50-60Hz
  • Size: 754mmx550mmx472mm
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Chromatographic Analyzer

Chromatographic Analyzer

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Chromatographic Analyzer Special for Transformer Oil is used for the analysis of hydrogen (H2), carbon oxygen (CO), methane (CH4), (CO2), ethane (C2H6), ethane (C2H4), and acetylene (C2H2), etc dissolved in insulating oil of oil-filled electrical equipment (including transformers, reactors, current transformers, voltage transformers, charged casing pipes and gas relays, etc). This instrument complies with the requirements from the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China on gas chromatograph in analysis of gas dissolved in transformer oil and judgment guidelines.

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Combustion Analyzer

Combustion Analyzer

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It is the perfect tool for furnace and boiler service technicians who need to determine carbon monoxide (CO) safety and combustion efficiency in combustion applications. Residential and commercial furnaces, hot water heaters and boilers are just a few typical applications. The PCA directly measures and displays flue gas O2, primary and stack temperatures, draft, differential pressure, NOX and CO. Simultaneously, the instrument calculates and displays combustion efficiency, excess air, CO2, NOX - Ref. O2 and CO air free. The large display shows eight different values simultaneously with a backlight.


The advanced communication features of the PCA 55 and the PCA 65 allow the user to store up to 100 tests, customize each combustion test with customer information, generate a personalized printout, and download all of this information to a personal computer for record keeping and trend analysis. With these new advanced communication features, it is easier to meet regulatory requirements and provide added value services to customers.



  • Power: Four replaceable, ‘AA’ size batteries (optional 120 power supply)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 8 continuous hours
  • Measures: Oxygen level, primary/air temperature, stack gas temperature, Carbon Monoxide (optional), and draft (optional)
  • Calculates: Combustion efficiency, excess air, Carbon Dioxide, and Carbon Monoxide (air free)
  • Weight: 0.68 kg (1.5 lb) instrument only
  • Dimensions: 7.9"x3.3"x2" (200x85x50 mm)


Ordering Information:


  • B24-8040 PCA 10 with Oxygen, Air Temp., Stack Temp.
  • B24-8041 PCA 15 with Oxygen, Air Temp., Stack Temp., Draft
  • B24-8042 PCA 20 with Oxygen, Air Temp., Stack Temp., Carbon Monoxide
  • B24-8043 PCA 25 with Oxygen, Air Temp., Stack Temp., Carbon Monoxide, Draft
  • B24-8045 PCA 35 with Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, NOx and Draft
  • B24-8143 PCA 55 Advanced PCA instrument with Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Draft
  • B24-8145 PCA 65 Advanced PCA instrument with Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Draft and NOx
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Data Analyzer

Data Analyzer

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We are dealing the following type of data analyzer and other type of analyzers .SDA 8 Zi-A Serial Data Analyzers combine the highest bandwidth (45 GHz) and sample rate (120 GS/s) with superior performance at 20 GHz on all four input channels. Models are available from 4 to 45 GHz with complete bandwidth upgradability throughout the range. SDA 8 Zi-A models combine all the attributes of WaveMaster 8 Zi-A with additional capabilities specifically suited for serial data testing.

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Electrochemical Analyzer

Electrochemical Analyzer

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We are the leading Analyser Exporter, Importer, and Supplier in tamilnadu. The Electrochemical Analyser is designed and manufactured for gravimetric analysis of non-ferrous metal and alloys. This Electrochemical Analyser is especially used in the foundries indulging in alloy castings. Models of Electrochemical Analyser with single and dual stations are available along with magnetic stirrer cum hotplate, for sample stirring and heating. An Accurately weighed quantity of sample to be analyzed is distorted in strong acidic medium and desired electrolyte is prepared. This electrolyte is analyzed with suitable constant current through Platinum 10% Rodium electrodes, i.e. cathode and anode. Difference in the weights of the electrodes before and after the analysis gives the weight of individual elements.
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Emissions Analyzers

Emissions Analyzers

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We offering wide range of Emissions Analyzers. Carefully designed and crafted, keeping in mind the needs of the user, this unique instrument is matchless in performance, and engineered to perfection., up to 6 gases can be analyzed at the same time – the user can choose between the following sensors: o2, co, co2, no, no2, so2, hc, h2s. The sensors are easily replaceable by the user in the field, within minutes, with not even using any tools.


The feature packed analyzer also:


  • calculates the standard parameters like flue gas loss, excess air ratio, boiler efficiency
  • With simply connecting additional probes, the unit measures velocity, differential pressure, and temperature
  • With its easy on-site calibration program, which can be also done from the user, there is simply no downtime
  • Special hoses of up to 5 mtrs length are also available for most accurate no2/so2 measurements
  • The analyser has a built-in peltier cooled gas preparation unit, with a peristaltic hose pump for condensate removal, for avoiding any kind of condensation and for highest accurate measuring results
  • Higher concentrations are no problem due to an optional dillution system, which provides a measurement range extension for either co or over all parameters
  • Testo 350 is a truly multifunction instrument in every sense, and offers lots of versatility
  • It can store upto 500,000 measurements for longer-term measuring programs, has facility for rs 232, and testo data bus connection, comes with a rechargeable nimh battery pack, even an integrated printer is on board
  • All these features are provided in a very compact size and a weight of just 4 kgs
  • All with testo’s usual 2 years warranty
  • This gas analyser is easy to use, accurate, reliable, and dependable
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Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzers

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  • Large, easy-to-read fluorescent display that is visible from wide angles.
  • Battery life of over eight hours.
  • Modular design lets you add sensors as your needs change.
  • Built-in printer and complete data downloading to a PC capability.
  • EPA-ETV test verified performance.
  • Measures and displays O2 and CO in the flue gas, pressure (draft), primary air temperature, and stack temperature.
  • Calculates and displays combustion efficiency, excess air, and CO2.
  • Optionally measures and displays NO, NO2, SO2, HC (methane equivalent combustibles), and CO in the high range of 4,000 to 80,000 ppm).
  • Optionally calculates NOx (the combination of NO and NO2), and calculates CO, SO2, and NOx individually referenced to a user defined Oxygen level of between 0 and 15%.
  • Optionally displays pollution conversions for CO, NO, NO2, and SO2. Pollution conversions include parts per million, pounds of pollutant per million BTU, milligrams of pollutant per cubic meter of gas, and grams of pollutant per gigajoule.
  • Stores over 1000 individual combustion and/or pressure test records, which can later be recalled for viewing or printing.
  • Stored test records can be downloaded to a personal computer and stored as a text file, which can then be opened in a spreadsheet program for analysis.
  • Performs data logging.
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Gravimetric Analyzer

Gravimetric Analyzer

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The moisture analyzer infers the %moisture based on weight loss. The sample is placed in a pan under controlled heating elements which maintain a steady temperature.


The weight loss of the sample is measured using an accurate analytical balance and the %moisture calculated on the assumption that the weight lost is water.


We offering a wide range of Gravimetric Analyzer . Our fully automated Gravimetric Analyzer is dedicated to the study of moisture sorption in materials. The concentration of moisture retained in a sample at a given relative humidity & temperature is determined with an ultra-sensitive microbalance.


Why Gravimetric Analyzer:


Almost all materials interact with moisture present in the atmosphere. In all areas of industry whether it be manufacturing, processing or packaging it is vital that this behaviour is understood. The moisture sorption properties of such materials must be characterised for the environmental conditions to which they are exposed to avoid costly spoiling & wastage.


The interaction is most commonly characterised by the percentage weight content of moisture retained in the material at a given relative humidity (%-RH) & temperature. Measurement of such isotherms over a range of temperature characterise the material for defined environmental conditions.


At the heart of the system is an ultra-sensitive microbalance which measures the weight change as the humidity is changed in the sample chamber at a constant regulated temperature.


The humidity is measured by a sensor placed in the sample chamber close to the sample. Humidity is changed & controlled, by relative mixing of wet & dry gas streams, to desired RH set-point. During this stage the weight signal is analysed to determine when the uptake has reached the new equilibrium value. Once equilibrium has been attained the next desired humidity level is set. This process is automatically perform the desorption isotherm measurement in a similar manner.

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Infrared Analyzer

Infrared Analyzer

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This is a variable filter infrared analyzer designed for total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) analysis. Prior to analysis, the sample requires preparation by a Freon extraction procedure. Methods are available for oil and grease in water, hydrocarbons in water and TPH in soils. Analog display. Includes: Instrument, manual, measuring cell & power cable. nfrared biogas analyzer measures the gas concentration of CO2, CH4 based on NDIR technology, concentration of H2S and O2 based on ECD. NDIR principle is based on measurement of absorption spectrum intensity of wavelength of infrared light through a gas, the attenuation intensity of light dependent on the gas concentration in compliance with Lambert – Beer’s Law

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Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer

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We are the leading importer and supplier of Logic Analyzer. We offering large type of Logic Analyzers. Assisted by the latest technology, we manufacture and export Logic Analyzer that is an electronic instrument that displays signals in a digital circuit. The analyzer is typically used for capturing data in systems that have too many channels. The precision engineered product is easy to install and is applicable in different industries including aerospace, military, telecommunication industry, Indian defense and many more.


The key technical specifications of our PC Based Logic Analyzer are:


  • The Logicport connects to the system under test using one of three ways:
  • The Logicport comes standard with a 38-wire flying lead probe. These are 38 individual color-coded wires - 34 signal and 4 ground wires - which you connect one by one.
  • A 38-pin Mictor ("Matched Impedance Connector") adapter is also available.


The Logicport uses a standard 40-pin IDC connector, so you may be able to use a 40-wire IDE hard drive cable as test lead if clock frequencies are low enough and your cable short enough. If you use an IDE hard drive cable as test lead, make sure the IDE cable is a full 40-wire cable, and not one with pin 20 disabled.

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Oxygen Analyzer

Oxygen Analyzer

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We are the leading importer and supplier of Oxygen Analyzer .A gold standard in our O2 analyzer line up, this model has the sensor inside the analyzer. When attached to the tubing, checking oxygen concentrators for O2 percentage accuracy is done quickly and with ease. Included with this model: Carrying Case OM-25A Replacement Sensor 24 month warranty on both the analyzer and the sensor Internal MAX-250 Long Life Sensor Large display for easy reading Long life battery (3,000 hrs on 2 AA batteries) Specifications: Material: Textured Gray ABS Plastic Measurement Range: 0-100% oxygen Display Resolution: 0.1% oxygen Linearity: within 1% full scale @ constant temp/pressure Accuracy: within 1% full scale @ constant temp/pressure within 2% full scale Total Accuracy: within 3% actual oxygen level over operating range Power Requirements: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries Low Battery Indicator:
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Portable Analyzer

Portable Analyzer

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We offer Laboratory Portable Dedicated Analyzer. The Products are procured from trusted and reliable vendors who manufacture the products on International quality standards.


Portable flue gas analyzer Function :

  • Based on Micro-Flow NDIR technology.
  • Measure SO2, NO, CO, CO2, O2, T, P, Flow simultaneously.
  • No effect of H2O on the measure result of SO2 and NO.
  • No constant flow requirement for SO2/ NO/ CO/ CO2.
  • Built-in pump
  • Calculation of Lambda and combustion efficiency automatically.
  • LCD 320 x 240 display, RS232 digital output



Gas Parameter


Measurement Principle:

  • Micro-Flow NDIR : SO2, NO, CO, CO2
  • Electrochemistry: O2


Measurement Range :

  • SO2: 0-2000PPM
  • NO: 0-2000PPM
  • CO: 0-5000PPM
  • CO2: 0-25%
  • O2: 0-25%




  • SO2/ NO/ CO: 1PPM
  • CO2/ O2: 0.01%




  • SO2, NO, CO, CO2 : 1% FS
  • O2: 2% FS


Temperature Parameter:


  • Measurement Principle:
  • Ambient Temperature: Thermistor
  • Flue Gas Temperature: Thermocouple




  • Ambient Temperature : -10-100
  • Flue Gas Temperature : -10-600




  • Ambient Temperature 1
  • Flue Gas Temperature 1




  • Ambient Temperature ± 1
  • Flue Gas Temperature ± 2


Pressure Parameter:


Measurement Principle:


  • Diff. Pressure: Silicon Diff. Pressure Chip
  • Ambient Pressure: Silicon Pressure Chip



  • Diff. Pressure: -50hPA ...+ 50hPA
  • Ambient Pressure: 70KPA...120KPA



  • Diff. Pressure: 1PA
  • Ambient Pressure: 0.01KPAR




  • Diff. Pressure: ± 2PA or 5% REL
  • Ambient Pressure: ± 0.5 Kpa or 2 % rel.
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Protein Analyzer

Protein Analyzer

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We offering wide range of protein analyzer machines. and we importing & supplying the following Protein Analyzer to our customers. Principle of operation. The instrument is based on turboflash technology assuring complete combustion. Together with a novel catalyst, the system provides an unprecedented level of reproducibility in a wide range of sample sizes. By this process the oxygen is supplied directly to the sample at the correct amount with the highest con-centration, exactly at the point of combustion. This is achieved by the independent control of the oxygen volume and pressure of its injection.


Speed of analysis. Callidus software fully controls the instrument, transfers sample weight automatically from the balance, downloads pre-programmed parameters. Activates the autosampler. Controls the entire combustion process, acquire, processes and reports results all in one minute.


  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Single reactor-trap assembly
  • Reduced bench space
  • Carrier gas shut-off in stand-by
  • Built-in gas leak detection.
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Elemental Analyzer

Elemental Analyzer

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Determining the Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur content of unknowns is one of the most basic and essential needs for any chemist.You can increase productivity and maximize confidence in your CHN/O/S results with the CE 440 Elemental Analyzer.The CE 440 is designed to give you accurate and reliable results, regardless of sample type. The CE 440 uses thermal conductivity detection for measuring carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen, after combustion and reduction. This time-proven technique allows measurements to be made over a very wide range of concentrations.

Only the CE 440 offers you all these advantages:

  • Accuracy and Precision - The CE440 provides analytical data of unsurpassed accuracy and precision.
  • The complete control of combustion parameters combined with steady state measurement of combustion products ensures a level of accuracy and precision that cannot be matched.
  • Sample Data Versatility - With its unique combination of both static and dynamic combustion, the CE 440 can combust the widest range of sample types of any CHN/O/S instrument.
  • Our unique horizontal furnace allows for automatic removal of the residue from each sample after analysis, avoiding memory effects and gas flow problems, which can occur with vertical furnace systems.
  • Reliability - The CE440 is a fully automated CHN/O/S elemental analyzer. The system with its Window® based P.C. operating software has been designed to reduce human error through incorporation of extensive automation, customer help, and diagnostic facilities.
  • Using the technique of steady-state measurement of combustion products, the CE 440 is inherently more reliable than gas chromatographic systems which are dependent on flow, column temperature, and dead volume management.
  • CE440 Features Rapid analysis for high productivity - analysis time of less than 5 minutes per sample.
  • Unique combustion technique makes it possible to analyze any sample type, from volatiles to refractories.
  • Stable thermal conductivity detector provides linear response with superior precision and accuracy.Windows® software with data storage for statistical analysis and flexible report generation.
  • Horizontal sample injection removes interfering residue between each sample run. Continuous diagnostics with automatic maintenance alerts.
  • Low reagent consumption - industry's lowest cost per sample.

Applications With its wide linear range, combined static/dynamic combustion and unique horizontal furnace design allowing for the removal of sample residue between runs, the CE 440 is capable of analyzing the widest range of sample types - quickly, easily, and reliably.

Typical applications include:

  • Organics and Pharmaceuticals - The CE 440 can analyze virtually any class of organics, including organometallics, heterocyclic nitrogen derivatives, steroids, polynuclear aromatics, and organophosphorous.
  • Environmental - Analyze the effects of fuels, oils, and their by-products on the environment, or study the composition of material retained by membranes used in oceanography, water filtration, and air monitoring.
  • Polymers - The CE 440 provides a fast, direct method for determining elemental composition of polymers, copolymers, and blends. Even samples with high levels of halogens, like PVC or Teflon®, can be analyzed rapidly and accurately.
  • Refractories - Nitrides, graphite fibers, and ceramics are easily analyzed - even carbides with melting points over 2000°C. Volatile/Air Sensitive Samples - Volatile and air sensitive materials are easily analyzed using our capsule sealing device.
  • Other Application Areas: Plastics, petrochemicals, agriculture, food, and pyrotechnical compounds.
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Headspace Analyser

Headspace Analyser

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Headspace Gas Analyser is applicable in headspace analysis of the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and mixed proportion in the sealed bags, bottles, cans and other packages. The Instruments is used for measuring the concentration of modified atmosphere gases in the headspace of flexible and rigid packages such as flow wrap packaging, thermoform- fill- seal tray, bulk bags, injection vials, HDP bottles, plastic and foil sachets, and cans. It is possible to use the instrument for analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide only. The Instruments utilizes very advanced non-depleting technology for oxygen


Headspace Gas Analyser has below Features:


  • One-click operation and fast test; test data is accurate and reliable;
  • Equipped with Build-in data storage, mini printer and rechargeable battery which is convenient for on-site measurements;
  •  World-famous components with long lifetime and high reliability;
  • Perfect LCD can show parameters, results and curve clearly
  • Professional software with functions of data analysis, processing and test report output.


Technical Data:


  • Testing Gases: O2-CO2
  • O2 Sensor Lifetime: >6 years
  • CO2 Sensor Lifetime: >15 years



  • Saves labour time and paperwork due to automatic data logging
  • Easy transfer of quality-control data to the CheckMate PC software or third-party software
  • Reliable quality control of gas flushed products
  • Easy operation – minimum of training required
  • Low maintenance – 12 months between each calibration


  • NEW: Large easy to read 5” colour display with touch function
  • Available for either oxygen (O2) or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide (O2/CO2) measurement
  • Very small sample volume requirement (from 3 ml)
  • Data transfer via Ethernet, USB and RS232
  • Flexible configuration of test scheme, e.g. logging of operator name, batch number, product line, etc.
  • USB connection for external keyboard and bar code scanner
  • Optional built-in printer
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Magnetic Analyzer

Magnetic Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Magnetic Analyzer. Human body is an aggregate of numerous cells, which continuously grow develop, split, regenerate and die. By splitting up, cells renew themselves. For adult people, about 25 million cells are splitting up every second and blood cells are constantly renewing at a rate of about 100 million per minute. In the process of cellular split-up and renewal, the charged bodies of nucleus and extra nuclear electrons as the basis unit of a cell are moving and changing ceaselessly at a high speed as well, emitting electromagnetic waves without interruption. The signals of electromagnetic waves emitted by human bodies represent the specific condition of human body and therefore, different signals of electromagnetic waves will be emitted by the conditions of good health, sub-health, diseases, etc. The conditions of life can be analyzed if such specific electromagnetic wave signals can be analyzed.


The quantum resonant magnetic analyzer is a new instrument to analyze such phenomenon. The weak magnetic frequency and energy of human body are collected by holding the sensor, and after amplification by the instrument and treatment by the built-in micro-processor, the data are compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum of diseases, nutrition and other indicators incorporated in the instrument to judge whether the sample waveforms are irregular using the Fourier approach. Analysis and judgment can thus be made on health condition and main problems of the testee based on the result of waveform analysis, as well as standard protective and curative proposals.




  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
  • Gastrointestinal function
  • Liver function
  • Gallbladder function
  • Pancreatic function
  • Kidney function
  • Lung function
  • Brain nerve
  • Bone disease
  • Bone mineral density
  • Rheumatoid bone disease
  • Blood sugar
  • Basic physical quality
  • Human toxin
  • Trace element
  • Prostate
  • Gynecology
  • Skin
  • Endocrine System
  • Immune System
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Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer

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Advanced technologies in process gas measurement for maintenance free moisture analysis.Utilising a state of the art ceramic sensor the MM400 moisture analyzer offers excellent long term reliable and stable moisture analysis from trace levels to ambient air conditions. Providing accurate, dependable results over a wide range from -100°C to +20°C dew point.









Industrial Gas

Intrinsically Safe


Measurement range

ppm / dewpoint

Measurement range

Autoranging from -100°C to +20°C and equivalent in ppm(v) moisture

Selectable units

Dew point °C / dew point °F / ppm(v)

Unacceptable gases

Corrosive gases, Mercury, Ammonia, Chlorine, HCI, Ozone


Features& benefits:

  • Autoranging from -100°C to +20°C
  • RS232/485 outputs
  • °C, °F, and ppmv units
  • Calibration traceable to NIST
  • Remote sensors available
  • Fast response and recovery from saturation
  • Fault alarm
  • Intrinsically safe option


  • Industrial specialty gases
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Heat treating furnaces
  • Compressed air
  • Inert atmosphere blanketing
  • Air dryers
  • Natural gas
  • Metallurgy
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Ozone Analyzers

Ozone Analyzers

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Ozone Analyzer

We are the leading supplier of all kind of ozone analyzers. Utilizes the Beer Lambert law and UV absorption detection to calculate ozone concentration. O3 measurements are automatically corrected for gas temperature / pressure changes and can be displayed in units of ppm pph ug/m3 or mg/m3. EC9811 Ozone photometer meets U.S. EPA requirements for an ozone analyser and an ozone primary transfer standard. The EC9811 is a compact analyzer and primary transfer standard that requires no external pumps or scrubbers. An independent compact analyzer that requires no external pump and scrubbers.

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Magnetic Analyzer

Magnetic Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of The MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer detects and measures low levels of metallic iron content in sample materials. Whether it be ultra high-purity glass used in the manufacture of fiber optics or plastic used to produce insulation for electrical wires, knowing the concentration of metallic iron in the raw material is critical to controlling the quality of the finished product.


The first MA-series Magnetic Analyzer was developed to meet the expressed need of the abrasive grain industry, which primarily wanted a highly sensitive and accurate instrument for the detection and quantification of trace quantities of metallic iron in raw materials. They also needed the device to be easy to use and be able to withstand the harsh environment of a production area.


Since then, the MA-series Magnetic Analyzers have undergone numerous improvements including greater sensitivity (down to ~0.00001% magnetic content), increased accuracy, a smaller footprint, and numerous ease-of-use features. Today, the MA-1040 is also used to detect minuscule levels of magnetic iron in food, precious gems, pharmaceuticals, and many other materials. As evidence of its acceptance in industry, the MA-1040 has been referenced in American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Abrasive Grain Association bulletins.


Particulate Systems’ MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer incorporates modern electronics and features 0.1 parts-per-million (ppm) resolution, a wide dynamic range, and low power consumption. Other improvements include reduced mechanical pick-up (microphonics) and mu-metal shielding of the sensing coils.


Technique Overview:


  • The MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer utilizes two matched air core coils, one as a reference, and the other receives the sample material to be analyzed. The coils are energized with an AC source of 683 Hz to reject stray 50 or 60 Hz line frequencies, a potential interference source always present in an industrial environment. Any imbalance in resonance between the two coils resulting from the presence of magnetic material in the sample will produce a signal of strength proportional to the amount of such material. After synchronous detection, the signal is displayed digitally as percent magnetic content.
  • All of the MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer components are enclosed in a small aluminum module designed specifically for housing electrical controls and instruments. The controls are located on top of the enclosure for easy visibility and convenient access. The power switch and the serial port are mounted on the side. Operation is simple and straight-forward. A sample, the weight of which has been entered, is lowered into the center of the sample coil. A digital readout immediately displays the results.
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Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier of all kind of Moisture Analyzer .MB25 moisture balance combines high quality durable construction and easy one button setup and is ideal for operators of all skill levels. This moisture analyzer offers flexibility for any budget and features a large backlit LCD display, standard RS232 port, 110g weighing capacity with a readability of 0.005g/0.05% and halogen heating.




  • MB25 basic moisture analyzer combines high quality and durable construction into a sleek, compact design. The MB-25 moisture determination analyzer offers dependable, accurate, results for a wide variety of applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and research industries.
  • The MB25 moisture tester provides accurate results at 0.05% readability. And with the MB25´s halogen heating, it is ideal for textiles, wastewater, ceramics, food and other applications that require measurements to 0.1%.
  • Set up and operation is extremely easy. Just press and hold the temperature or time buttons to set drying parameters, add your sample and begin the test process. This makes the MB25 moisture content analyzer ideal for routine tasks performed by operators of all skill levels.
  • The compact footprint (6.5 x 5 x 11 inch) of the MB25 moisture content analyzer is designed to take up less space. It´s easy-to-clean heating chamber is ideal for frequent use and inexpensive maintenance. Scroll further down on this web page and you'll find an abundant amount of information to help you decide if this moisture analyzer instrument is right for your moisture determination analysis.
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Ozone Analyzer

Ozone Analyzer

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Utilises the Beer Lambert law and UV absorption detection to calculate ozone concentration. O3 measurements are automatically corrected for gas temperature / pressure changes and can be displayed in units of ppm pph ug/m3 or mg/m3 EC9811 Ozone photometer meets U.S. EPA requirements for an ozone analyser and an ozone primary transfer standard. The EC9811 is a compact analyser and primary transfer standard that requires no external pumps or scrubbers. An independent compact analyzer that requires no external pump and scrubbers.
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PH Analyzer

PH Analyzer

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We offering wide range of PH meters for various industry. And we the leading supplier and traders of all kind of.




  • Model: PHS-25CW
  • pH Range: 0.00 to 14.00pH
  • Resolution & Accuracy: 0.01 & 0.05pH
  • Millivolt Range: 1999mV
  • Resolution & Accuracy: 1mV & 10mV
  • Calibration Points: 2 points
  • pH Buffer Options: PH4.00, pH6.86, pH9.18
  • Temperature Compensation: 0 to 99º C, Manual
  • Dimensions: 210mm(L) 205mm(W) 65mm(H)
  • Power: 9VDC, using AC adapters 110VAC/220VAC, 60/50Hz
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Power Analyzers

Power Analyzers

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Compact and easy to use. The power analyzer for the renewable energy generation.The WT500 Power Analyzer features a color TFT and compact body that enables single-phase and three-phase power measurement, achieving ±0.1% basic accuracy, maximum input of 1000 Vrms, 40 Arms and a measurement bandwidth of 100 kHz.




  • Simultaneous measurement of voltage, current, power, and harmonics
  • High-speed data updating (100 ms)
  • Display of numerical values, waveforms and trends
  • Measurement of bought and sold watt hours
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Current range: 0.5 to 40 A
  • Voltage range: 15 to 1000 V
  • Basic Power Accuracy: 0.1%
  • frequency range: DC 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz
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Signal Analyzers

Signal Analyzers

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The MSK-200 is a compact, portable, remotable bench-top instrument with extraordinary measurement capabilities for evaluating digital and analog signals. The universal multi standard TV analyzer covers all kinds of needs regarding the analysis, measurement and protocol validation of terrestrial, cable and satellite analog and digital 50/75 ohm RF systems. While the MSK-200 is designed for portability, the ADAM-3000 rack mount analog / digital TV analyzer is also available.


Operation is very intuitive, supported by a complete operator manual and on-screen “lead through” features. Preset functions and data logging are all convenient user features.

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Surface Analyzer

Surface Analyzer

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Model SJ-201PR is comprised of two components: detachable detector/drive and display unit which can house detector drive. Unit provides functions to communicate Statistical Process Control (SPC) data with external devices via an RS-232C interface. Product is compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI and JIS standards and supports optional printer for retrieving hard copies of profiles and parameters.

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Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Thermogravimetric Analyzer

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  • Adopting the advanced DSP control technology and updated adaptive control technology to make the control real-time and reliable.
  • Use the same sample to determine the moisture,VM and ash to satisfy the requirement of rapid ash. The analysis of moisture
  • High temp. furnace with ceramic fiber material, low thermal capacity, Rapid rising and cooling temp. Short time is available with multi-batch of coal to do continuous analysis. Good thermal retardation and energy save effect.
  • The fixed carbon, hydrogen and calorific value could be calculated automatically.
  • Also the fly ash of combustibility, calcined petroleum coke, loss on ignition of cement could be determined.
  • Real time balance reading display is available on the instrument. Convenient for controlling the sample weight.
  • Query, print, statistic of analysis data are available during the experiment.

Detailed Product Description:

  • High efficiency.
  • stability and reliability.
  • Simple and convenient operation.
  • DSP control technology applied.



The 5E-MACIV Automatic Proximate Analyzer is used to determine the moisture, ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon in coal and coke.It can also determine ash and slag combustibles in accordance with ASTM D 5142-90, which is widely applied in power plant, coal mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, education etc.






Sample Number



Single furnace

Analysis Time

≤150 min for 19 samples

≤80 min for 5 samples

Sample Mass

0.8 g~1.2 g recommended

Up to 5 g

Temp. Range

Up. to 1000°C

Analysis Precision

As per ASTM D5142-09

Temp. Controlling Resolution




Net weight


Dimensions (mm)

550 × 550 × 523

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Transmission Analyzer

Transmission Analyzer

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  • Online error testing
  • 2Mbit/s unframed error performance testing
  • 2Mbit/s framed N*64Kbit/s channel error testing
  • Frequency offset testing
  • Framed content analysis
  • Multi error and alarm analysis
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Vibration Analyzer

Vibration Analyzer

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This new instrument will allow the maintenance crew to detect mechanical anomalies in the circuit-breaker drive mechanisms and other moving parts in the interrupting chamber that should be inspected and overhauled.The CBV is used in conjunction with accelerometers. Its high sampling frequency of at least 150 kHz allows to catch a large variety of mechanical anomalies.


The CBV comes with powerful and user-friendly software : OpenZen - CBV for analyzing the defect severity and plan further maintenance actions. It integrates many calculation functions including: noise suppression, amplitude and time deviations between measured and reference signals, frequency spectrogram depicting relevant frequencies.


Main Advantages:


  • Easy detection of mechanical anomalies
  • Extensive calculation functions including noise suppression, amplitude, etc.
  • Possibility to create test plans
  • Control over the close and open commands of the circuit breaker
  • Robust and portable
  • For use in High Voltage environment
  • Can be used on any type of breakers
  • Easy installation

8 or 16 analog channels including:


  • 12 BNC inputs (-10 to +10V)
  • 2 current inputs (-20 to +20A)
  • 1 neutrik inputs (0 to 10V)
  • 1 contact input (for close/open monitoring)


Sampling frequency :


  • 150 kHz for 8 channels
  • 300 kHz for 1 channel


Sampling time:


  • 3us for 1 channel
  • 6us for 8 channels


Recording time :


  • 1ms to 60 minutes for 8 channels
  • 1ms to 7 hours for 1 channel
  • Data acquisition system with 16 bit resolution for A/D conversion
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Analyzer Equipment

Analyzer Equipment

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  • Infra-red bench & sensors inside.
  • Fast 30-second warms up
  • Ultra-compact - 32mm x 42mm x 150mm
  • Combined technology: infra-red & electrochemical
  • 5 gases embedded and one or two gas sensor might added by user’s order
  • 1 watt power requirement, Battery supply.
  • ASM/BAR 97, OIML Class 0 applied for Flue and automotive exhaust analysis
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Bearing Analyzer

Bearing Analyzer

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We the leading trader and supplier of a wide range of Bearing Condition Analyzer 110 which is a portable Micro Processor based diagnostic tool for comprehensive condition analysis of rotating machinery. Preventive maintenance is necessary in objective measurements of machine condition and our bearing analyzer is a single and easy to use instrument for analyzing bearing condition. These bearing analyzer is the best instrument for periodic monitoring of bearing conditions and replaces the bearing at the right finite without influencing the production efficiency

Our bearing analyzer is widely used for:

  • Mechanical condition of bearings
  • Lubrication condition and damage severity readings for rolling bearings
  • Direct radiccation of machine condition in terms of good - reduced - bad


Technical specifications of our bearing analyzer are:


  • Measuring range : 0 to 100dB
  • Temperature range: 0degreeC to 50degreeC
  • Display : 16x4 line Dot Matrix LCD
  • Keypad: Sealed membrane
  • Auto off
  • 9v battery
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Chemistry Analyzers

Chemistry Analyzers

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The compact and easy to use Konelab 20 fits easily into laboratories where space is limited. The low running costs and wide routine chemistry test range make the Konelab 20 a brilliant choice for every small laboratory looking for cost efficiency. Product Detail Konelab 20 - compact, practical and cost effective Konelab 20 is a fully automated, versatile analyzer for small and medium-sized laboratories. Work efficiency is increased due to the continuous loading of samples, cuvettes and system reagents. A fully graphical user interface provides fast guidance and makes the analyzer easy to use. Konelab analyzers are delivered with full application and technical support. This includes product training, service and after-sales support. Each customer's specific needs are clarified before installing the analyzer to allow optimal usage of the instrument. Throughput up to 200 tests per hour 84 sample positions with continuous loading segments 5 STAT positions 35 reagent positions, real-time reagent status seen 50 cuvettes on-board, 3 hours walk-away time The compact Konelab 20 needs minimal space and fits easily wherever needed. Minimum water demands as well as minor operating condition requirements make Konelab 20 a brilliant choice for every cost-efficient laboratory.

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Coagulation Analyzers

Coagulation Analyzers

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Balls Method Parameter: PT(Prothrombin Time) APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) TT (Thrombin Time) FIB (Fibrinogen) Detector: 4 channels Incubator: 16 sample positions, 4 reagent positions(tunable incubation time) Data storage: 500 test results Display: LCD screen Print: Built in printer & external printer Input / Output: RS-232 port Ambient: Work temperature: 5-30; Relative humidity: ≤ 80%RH Power: AC220V, 50Hz Dimensions (WxDxH): 380 mmX340mmX130mm Weight: 4 kg


  • 4 detectors up to 4 different parameters analysis
  • High-quality sample pipettor for convenience and accuracy
  • Accurate incubator temperature Advanced method to eliminate interference from hyperlipaemia, icterus, hemolysis etc.
  • Low reagent consumption to improve cost efficiency of hemostasis testing
  • Accurate incubator temperature
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Conductivity Analyzer

Conductivity Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of The new TB-31 turbidity meter has a 1000 data memory, low power consumption , and interval logging capability with software for a PC and Printer. It has dual measuring ranges for increased accuracy to 0.5 NTU Features -Range 0-800 NTU Dual Range -Depth to 50 meters -Low power consumption. 120 hours with std AA batteries. -1000 Data point memory. Also interval logging availability from 1 second to 100 hrs. -RS-232 for Connection to PC and Printer
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Dielectric Analyzer

Dielectric Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Hypot MAX®, model 7700 provides 500 VA Hipot , 6 kVDC Hipot, and Insulation Resistance tests in a single DUT connection. The 7700 can be used as a bench-top instrument or as a PC controlled system. It features an easy-to-use interface and is equipped with advanced features such as our patented Smart GFI® safety circuit and our exclusive Ramp-HI® and Charge-LO® systems. It is best suited for 500 VA applications that also require DC Hipot and Insulation Resistance testing.


The Hypot MAX® family includes two high current testers: the 7700 3-in-1 version with 500 VA AC output and the 7704 4-in-1 version with 500 VA AC output. The high voltage testers are the 7705 10 kV AC Hipot, 7710 12 kV DC Hipot, 7715 20 kV AC Hipot and the 7720 20 kV DC Hipot. All testers come standard with USB and RS-232 interfaces. GPIB (IEEE-488) and other automation interfaces optional.


Patented SmartGFI® safety circuit protects the operator from shock hazards


SmartGFI® - The patented SmartGFI is a high speed shut down circuit that provides maximum operator protection. If the circuit detects excessive leakage to ground it shuts down the high voltage in less than 1 millisecond. SmartGFI is automatically activated if the DUT is not grounded. The operator does not need to make the decision whether to activate the SmartGFI.


50 memories that can be stored and recalled. Multifunction testers include 8 steps per memory. RAMP HI® and CHARGE LO® systems for more effective DC Hipot testing


RAMP-HI® - The Ramp-HI feature allows you to set a high limit charging current during the Ramp function which is higher than the high limit setting which would be chosen for the dwell cycle. This allows you to charge the DUT as rapidly as possible without causing false failures.


CHARGE-LO® - The Charge-LO Circuit sets a minimum charging current which is based on the DC test voltage, the rate of rise, and the capacitance of the DUT. This circuit confirms that the DUT is connected when performing a test.


500 VA testers available for Higher Current


Hipot test applications

  • Meets 200 mA short circuit requirements
  • Up to 20 kV AC or DC Hipot testing for manufacturers with higher voltage testing requirements
  • USB/RS-232 or GPIB automation interfaces available
  • 4 wire measurement and milliohm offset for accurate Ground Bond test results (Model 7704)
  • Autoware Testing Software available for complete Automation Control
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Hydrocarbon Analyzers

Hydrocarbon Analyzers

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measures total hydrocarbons using a vacuum flame ionization detector. The system is designed to minimize the loss of hydrocarbons prior to analysis in the FID chamber. The sample is maintained at 191°C through the use of a heated filter and heated sample line. Fittings are made with stainless steel, which has low gas adsorption properties. Warm up time from 20°C to 191°C is approximately one hour. Once the FID reaches temperature, the flame lights automatically. Calibration is also automatic. Freely adjustable measurement ranges ensure accuracy for a wide variety of test applications.




  • 1065 Compliant: The SEMTECH-FID meets the US EPA 1065 compliance requirements for in-use testing.
  • Automatic Flame Ignition: The FID flame will light automatically after 30 minutes of warm-up time.
  • Automatic Calibration: The system will calibrate itself automatically after flame ignition.
  • Measuring Range: The SEMTECH-FID has freely adjustable measurement ranges between 0-10 and 0-30,000 ppm C3H8.
  • Sample Handling: Sample probe, heated filter, coalescing filter and Nafion dryer are integrated into the tube electronics. A heated sample line delivers the sample to the FID chamber at 191°C.

Combustion Air: The system contains a catalyst, enabling the use of room air for the FID chamber combustion air.

Graphical Panel Display: A full color, graphic touch screen displays live data, and enables system setup and basic functions, such as zero and span.

Power Supply Monitoring: Power is 220-240 VAC, with both current and voltage monitoring.

Weatherproof Construction: All components meet IP54 (NEMA 3) standards.

Stress relief for pneumatic connections

Channels for cable management

Standard Swagelok™ bulkhead connectors

Rugged Deutsch connectors for power and auxiliary connectors


220-240 VAC

Warm up Time:

60 minutes to meet specifications

Storage Temperature:

Dry -10°C to 60°C ambient

Operating Environment:

-10°C to 45°C ambient


43.6cm x 30.8cm x 13.6cm (WxDxH)


12 kg

Data transmission:

Ethernet, USB

Electromagnetic interference and susceptibility:

CE Standards: IEC 61326: 2002-2

Analog output current:

0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA

Analog output voltage:

0 - 10V



Measuring ranges:

freely adjustable

Smallest measuring range:

0 - 90 ppm C1

Largest measuring range:

0 - 30,000 ppm C1


±1% rdg or ±0.3% FS
(±1% FS for lowest measurement range)


Intercept ≤ 0.5% range
(1% for lowest range)
0.990 ≤ Slope ≤ 1.01
SEE ≤ 1.0% range
R2 ≥ 0.998


±1% rdg

Zero drift:

±1% in 24hr

Analyzer Response Time:

T10-90 < 2.5 seconds

System Response Time:

T10-90 < 3.5 seconds


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Impedance Analyzer

Impedance Analyzer

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Key Features:
  • High-performance network, spectrum, and impedance analyzers in a single box
  • Built-in IBASIC
  • GPIB port, digital I/O port


Network Analysis


  • Frequency range: 100 kHz to 1.8 GHz
  • 120 dB dynamic range @ 10 Hz IFBW
  • +/- 0.05 dB, +/- 0.3 degree dynamic accuracy


Spectrum Analysis

  • Frequency range: 2 Hz to 1.8 GHz
  • -147 dBm/Hz sensitivity @ 1 GHz
  • Lower than +/- 1.0 dB level accuracy
  • Time-gated spectrum analysis option (4396B-1D6)


Impedance Analysis (Option 4396B-010)


  • Frequency range: 100 kHz to 1.8 GHz
  • Equivalent circuit analysis function



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Liquid Analyzer

Liquid Analyzer

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FLUORAT-02, which was a pioneering instrument developed by LUMEX and have gained a wide use in many analytical laboratories, makes a base for a large number (more than 50 certified methods) of analytical fluorometric, photometric, and chemoluminometric techniques for analysis of water, food, emission analysis. Such a versatility allows an analyst to choose the optimal method for assaying each component being determined.The Fluorat analyzers embody the modular principle. The base unit FLUORAT-02-3M is a filter fluorimeter, chemiluminometer and photometer implemented together in the same optoelectronic scheme, whereas the FLUORAT-02-2M version is, in addition, a time-resolving fluorimeter and can also be used as a fluorimetric detector in any HPLC system, relevant measuring cells being interchangeable.

FLUORAT-02 is an automated analyzer furnished with a package of certified methods for monitoring the quality of drinking and waste water in compliance with sanitary regulations, as well as for assaying a number of air, soil, and food product constituents. The analytical methods implemented using this instrument are chosen so that to reliably detect half of the prescribed UTC and to provide the simplest sample preparation. For example, it takes 2 to 3, 5 to 7, and 2 to 3 minutes, respectively, to prepare a sample of petroleum hydrocarbons, phenols, and surfactants for analysis.


The fluorescence (phosphorescence, chemiluminescence) intensity measurement and measurement of transmittance of a sample.


Low detection limit;

High analytical selectivity compared to conventional photometric devices;

Analysis of a large variety of components;

Low consumption of reagents and short time of analysis;

Nonvolatile memory for calibration and other analysis parameters;

Operation as a fluorometer, chemiluminometer, photometer, nephelometer

FLUORAT-02-2M with attachments can be used as a HPLC detector and for measurement of cryoluminescence;

COD-reactor TERMION may be used for Chemical Oxygen Demand measurements.

FLUORAT-02-2M and FLUORAT-02-3M analyzer versions


FLUORAT-02-2M enables measuring the phosphorescence intensity, operating in the time-resolving fluorometer mode. This mode is used for the detection of uranium, featuring very high sensitivity and selectivity. The analyzer can also operate with a fiber optic bundle, which allows measuring luminescence or reflected light from the surface of an outside sample, such as paper, cathodoliminophors, etc. FLUORAT-02-2M can be combined with CRYO-1/2 attachment and can also be used as a fluorometric detector for HPLC systems.

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Metal Analyzers

Metal Analyzers

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x-ray fluorescence (XRF)analyzers were developed as a measurement device, with proper software and set-up they are also one of several methods that can be used totest scrap jewelry. No other non-destructive testing method can offer the accuracy and full constituent results that XRF analyzers can. Depending on the instrument configuration, XRF can simply provide but may also offer information on any other constituents that a jeweler would want to know (including silver, platinum, copper etc).


MAXSELL XRF ANALYZERS are popular test instruments, because they offer:


  • Low cost testing method, with no consumables or media required.
  • simple Sampling system can suffice
  • Non - destructive analysis, hence saves time and efficiency.
  • No additional instrument or system required
  • No Maintenance or recurring costs.
  • Easy to use software, data backup, data recording, even certificates can be drafted with image of jewellery for better transparency.
  • Quick Analysis - 30 ~ 300 secs, selectable by the User.
  • Complete analysis by our MPX-GP Nobel Metal Tester like
  • Gold Karat and Percentage identification along with 7 other major metals.
  • Complete graph analysis with cross reference of standards
  • Coating thickness measurements.
  • Powerful yet easy to use software, to help you do different tasks with regards to data management and template creation and management.
  • Hazardous substances and metals can be detected - RoHS, Proposition 65, etc.


We have taken utmost care and diligence to make our product a complete package of Safety, Accuracy, Reliability, Durability, Performing, Affordable and Lastly Serviceable and Low Cost Maintenance.


Our Analyzers offer:


  • Excellent Accuracy - Challenged with XRFs of German Makes.
  • Long lasting components which are internationally tested and certified as per standards.
  • Least affects even due to possible human error.
  • All forms of Safety and emission standards are complied with.
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Noise Analyzers

Noise Analyzers

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We are the leading supplier and traders of all kind of Portable noise and vibration analyzer (4 channel, USB | AD-3661). The WCA mini AD3661 - It goes where you go- Portable 4-channel Noise & Vibration Analysis System




  • USB bus power unit
  • 24 bit, 4-channel measurements
  • A channel exclusively for tacho pulse measurements
  • WCAPRO (multi analysis software)
  • FFT analysis and real-time octave analysis
  • Tracking analysis and throughput recording/playback
  • Equipped with WCA Lite (easy-to-use analysis software)




  • Standard configuration: AD3661 Hardware (size: 30(H) x 139 (W) x 138(D) mm, weight: 330g, including UBS cable and power adaptor)
  • WCA Pro software and license for basic FFT analysis


Options for WCA Pro software:

  • 2D tracking license
  • 3D tracking license
  • Real-time Octave analysis license
  • Time-series filtering license




  • A portable and lightweight, USB bus powered unit
  • The WCA mini is small and light enough to fit into your travel case. Its actual size is Height 30mm (height) x Width 139mm x Depth138 mm (width), and weights is only 330g. Power can be supplied from athe USB bus, allowing you to perform noise and vibration analyses anywhere.
  • User-friendly GUI and WCA Lite with improved ease of operation
  • With enhanced operability, the WCA mini has adopted the same design concept employed in the highly reputed WCA. WCA Lite will enable simple operation of FFT and tracking analyses.
  • Complete compatibility with the Compact WCA/WCAonPC
  • A compatible user interface eliminates the need for additional training of existing users.
  • WCAPRO, multi-analysis software
  • WCAPRO provides real-time FFT analysis for noise & vibration testing.
  • Please see the AD-3661 catalog for further details
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Sugar Analyzer

Sugar Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Young Lin Sugar analyzer is used for analysis of sugars using Evaporative Light Scattering Detector(ELSD). Sugars are generally analyzed by HPLC with Refractive Index Detector. However, the analysis method using RI detector has some limitations, such as low sensitivity, or the difficulty of simultaneously analyzing various sugars. The methods using UV or fluorescence detector are also used coupled with derivatization method, but the procedure of derivatization is tedious and a waste of time. The Young Lin Sugar Analyzer provides a simple, easy and highly sensitive method of detecting sugars.

Key features of Sugar Analyzer

  • Provide entire solutions from instruments to consumables for sugar analysis
  • Use ELSD for better sensitivity and gradient elution
  • Offer accurate application support based on a specific analysis method
  • Reasonable price with optimized operation efficiency

Analysis application

  • Analysis of Sugar in Honey
  • Analysis of Sugars in Molasses
  • Analysis of Glucosamine
  • Analysis of Xylotol, Sorbitol and Sucrose
  • Analysis of Xylose, Mannose and Sucrose
  • Analysis of Ribose, Arabinose and Galactose
  • Analysis of Xylose, Fructose, Mannitol and Glucose
  • Analysis of Ribose, Xylose, Xylitol and Mannitol
  • Analysis of Arabinose, Mannose, Galactose and Sucrose
  • Analysis of Ribose, Glucose, Sucrose and Lactose
  • Analysis of Xylitol, Sorbitol and Maltose< /td>
  • Analysis of Carnohydrate mixture
  • Analysis of Sucrose, Glucose and Fructose
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Turbidity Analyzers

Turbidity Analyzers

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We are the leading supplier &trader of Online turbidimeters for most on-line turbidity monitoring applications.


Product description:

  • Range: 0 - 1000 NTU
  • Measurement Principle: Nephelometry (90 degrees)
  • Accuracy: 2% of reading or ± 0.02 below 40 NTU, 5% of reading above 40 NTU
  • Resolution: 0.0001 Selectable
  • Response Time: Adjustable (5 to 500 seconds) (0 - 1000 NTU)
  • Input Pressure: 1 – 200 psi (built in regulator set at 15 psi)
  • Standard Outputs: 4-20 mA Galvanic Isolated or RS-485
  • RS-485 Protocols: Modbus
  • Light Source: White Light - 7 year life, Infrared Light (850nm LED) - 10 year life
  • User Alarms: 2 High/Low Alarms
  • Alarm Contacts: Form C 250 VAC 2A
  • Display: Multiline Custom Backlight LCD
  • Built in Diagnostics: Yes
  • Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Operating Temp: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Wetted Surfaces: Nylon, Borosilicate Glass, Silicon, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel
  • Enclosure: Designed to meet NEMA 4X, IP66
  • Outdoor Installation: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C))
  • Certifications: USEPA, ISO 7027, CE Approved, ETL Listed to UL 3111-1 and ETL
  • Certified to CSA 22.2 No. 1010-1-92
  • Dimensions: 14x12x12 inch (35x30x30 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)



  • Meets USEPA method 180.1 and ISO 7027
  • Range of 0 - 1000 NTU
  • Simple, one-piece design
  • Ultrasonic auto cleaning system, EPA accepted
  • Easy to clean and calibrate
  • Convenient reusable primary calibration standards
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Water Analyzer

Water Analyzer

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Multi-parameter water analyzer We are the leading suppler and trader of water analyzer SevenGo Duo pro combines maximum measurement accuracy and an excellent range of functions with user-friendly operation and exceptional safety. SevenGo Duo pro meters are essential for special analyses, particularly in environmental, chemical and food & beverage industry. The kit versions are also well suited for outdoor use because both the meter and the sensors are watertight (IP67). The revolutionary intelligent sensor management system (ISM) offers the user an even greater level of security. The calibration data is stored on the chip in the sensor and is used automatically when the sensor is connected to the meter. This ensures that the meter always uses the latest calibration data
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Chlorine Analyzers

Chlorine Analyzers

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Industry standard, CL17 Free Chlorine Analyzer. Included with the CL17 analyzer is a 1 month supply of DPD indicator and Free Chlorine indicator and buffer solutions, installation, sample conditioning, maintenance kits, and a user manual.




  • Accurate, Reliable Results
  • Simple, Predictable Maintenance
  • Factory Calibrated
  • EPA Compliant
  • Pump Control

Hazardous ItemsItems with this mark may be considered hazardous under some shipping conditions.If necessary, we will change your selected shipping method to accomodate these items

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Colorimetric Analyzer

Colorimetric Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Colorimetric Analyzers.The CA-6 Series Analyzers are a family of online sequential sampling analyzers that use Colorimetric or Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technologies to perform ananalysis. The analyzers can be configured to perform most colorimetric or ISE-based laboratory analysis that use up to four reagents.


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • User friendly
  • Menu structure
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Easy process configuration




  • Epoxy powder coated
  • Rugged cold rolled steel cabinet
  • Two separate compartments (electronics hydraulics)
  • Loss of sample & low reagent alarms
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Distortion Analyzer

Distortion Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Distortion Analyzer



  • Frequency Range: 5 Hz to 600 kHz
  • Distortion Measurement Accuracy
  • Fundamental Rejection >80 dB


The Hewlett-Packard Models 331A and 332A Distortion Analyzers are solid state instruments for measuring distortion and AC voltages. The model 332A includes a high impedance AM detector which operates from 550 kHz to greater than 65 MHz.


The transistorized voltmeter contained in the model 331A and 332A can be used separately for general purpose voltage and gain measurements. The voltmeter has a frequency range of 5 Hz to 3 MHz and a voltage range of 300 uV to 300V rms full scale.

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Electrolyte Analyzers

Electrolyte Analyzers

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Electrolyte analyzers are great additions for medical laboratories performing various clinical analyses. To meet the demands of all small, mid-sized and large medical labs, many reputed dealers supply new and recertified models of the equipment. The devices come in a range of brands with varying specifications. New electrolyte Analyzers for Durability Brand new models of electrolyte analyzers ensure quality and value.


Specification of Electrolyte Analyzer:


  • Technology: Ion Selectivity Electrode.
  • Sample Volume: 80-150ul.
  • Reagent Volume: 1ml.
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour.
  • Printer: Inner Thermal Printer.
  • Display: Large LCD.
  • Storage: up to 1000 tests.
  • Interface: RS-232.
  • Temperature: 15-30
  • Humidity: 20%–80%.
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Exhaust Analyzer

Exhaust Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Exhaust Analyzer .DYNO-MAX is available for downloading. DYNO-MAX Version 9.32 SP #0 is our most powerful release ever! It adds several new features beyond 9.3’s, including: support for the DYNOmite Exhaust Measuring System (see separate article on following page), DYNOmite-Pro’s new Spark Advance option, enhanced Smart Load algorithms, and a couple of other minor tweaks.


Additionally, both “joules/sec” and “cal/sec” units are now available in the Formula Listing as “Power” Units Type choices. A new digital link to our DYNOmite EMS 5-gas analyzer allows capturing and displaying the real-time levels of Hydro Carbons, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Nitric Oxides in the engine’s exhaust. Calculated EMS Lambda and Air/Fuel Ratio formulas are part of this package. Smart Load was enhanced again -to self-adapt to an even wider range of engines and dynamometer applications. A sample “Extra Fast EGT #1” Formula (included), illustrates how to use the Formula Editor’s derivative function -to reduce the effective time constant lag of temperature sensors


Monitored gasses include O2 (0-25%), CO (0-10%), CO2 (0-20%),HC’s (0-2000 ppm), and NOX (0-5000 ppm). Lambda and AFR are also calculated and displayed when using the optional DYNO-MAX software.


Typical Accuracy is +/-1% (or better) of the channels full scale range. With a fast response time of < 9 seconds (to 90% of actual reading using the included 25' hose), steady state engine holding time requirements are reduced. This makes it safe and practical to capture data on either a chassis dynamometer (with load control) or via on-road testing.


The flexible stainless tailpipe “sniffer” probe and hose assembly includes a quick disconnect coupling and simple retaining link for speedy installation. Warm up time of less than 5-minutes makes preparing for a new test session a snap. Plus, integral vacuum pumps and water separator insure that the system is both compact and easy to maintain.


Portable DC operation is supported via the included 12-voltaccessory plug. This allows the DYNOmite EMS to go on the road -for real world emissions monitoring . The system also runs on 115-volts with the included AC power supply.

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Frequency Analyzer

Frequency Analyzer

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Frequency Analyzer .AT6000Dseries is an spectrum analyzer used the digital compose wide spectrum and dynamics range, can be used in the mobile communicate (CDMA2000, WCDMA), RF system, broadcast, EMI, EMC test etc. Many domains, is a prevalence spectrum analyzer


With the 6.4inch colored TFT-LCD display, centronics printer and digital storage internal configure, the main machine is with the USB, CDMA testing function(ACP channel power, occupied bandwidth)etc. It supply the good product with reasonable price. Can be aboard used in mobile communication, RF education institution, Terminal production, AS scene etc.


Specification & features:


  • Records frequency employing a high-performance digital Synthesizer method
  • Measures wide frequency: 9 kHz ~ 3.0 GHz
  • Superior Resolution: Minimum 1 Hz
  • Compact and lightweight package
  • Pre Amp as standard
  • Wide Input Dynamic Range: -130 dBm ~ 20 dBm
  • Easy and simple Key Buttons
  • CDMA measurement functions: ACPR, ACLR, OBW, and Channel Power
  • Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 1 kHz ~ 3 MHz (1-3 Steps), 9 kHz, 120 kHz
  • Simple usage and convenience 8 Markers, Trace function, Trigger function
  • Supports various types of convenient interface
  • GPIB (option), RS-232C(option), Printer(supports nearly all types of Printer)
  • REF in, REF out functions
  • Large capacity internal memory for storing measured data
  • Stores measured data up to 900 events
  • Stores Setup data up to 3, 000 events
  • USB Host Port
  • Supports USB Printer
  • Stores data and applied Image file (GIF) into USB Flash memory
  • Ethernet Port and Software (option) for Internet remote control




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Gas Chromatographs

Gas Chromatographs

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The Hewlett Packard ( Agilent ) HP-5890 defined the absolute standard of gas chromatograph for many laboratories around the world. From the initial introduction of HP 5880A to HP 5890-II (series II) with electronic pressure control, 5890 is still widely used in many laboratories. Refurbished 5890 might be the answer to your needs to lower budget and provide with high quality analyzes. System can be sold as a stand alone or with computer and ChemStation. Computer can be new or refurbished if you are looking to lower cost.


Chromatography is the separation of a mixture of compounds (solutes) into separate components. By separating the sample into individual components, it is easier to identify (qualitative) and measure the amount (quantitative) of the various sample components. There are numerous chromatographic techniques and corresponding instruments. Gas chromatography (GC) is one of these techniques. It is estimated that 10-20% of the known compounds can be analyzed by GC. To be suitable for GC analysis, a compound must have sufficient volatility and thermal stability.


Any injector, detector combination or set up is available. All units come refurbished with warranty. Data units (integrator or chemstation software and computer) are available at extra cost.


  • HP 5890A single injector single detector,
  • HP 5890A dual injector dual detector,
  • HP 5890 series 2 single injector single detector,
  • HP 5890 series 2 dual injector dual detector,
  • HP 5890 series 2 plus, single injector single detector,
  • HP 5890 series 2 plus, dual injector dual detector,

Options for HP GC's


  • HPIB communications
  • Data Integrator
  • Autosampler 7673A
  • Autosampler 7673B
  • Autosampler 7673C
  • Chemstation Software with computer


Printer ADDWe also carry autosampler parts like controllers, towers, sample trays and brackets. Please email, fax or call for a quotation on specific items.

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Harmonic Analyzers

Harmonic Analyzers

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We are the leading supplier and trader of all kind of Harmonic Analyzers .All the performance of the Nanovip Plus and:


  • Automatic data sortage to 1MB internal memory(4032 records)
  • Internal clock/calender
  • Backlit LCD with auto/manual control
  • kW for each harmonic frequency
  • Fast data download to PC via 38.4 kb serial port
  • "One Touch" set-up for default values(CT set-up, VT set-up, fundamental frequency, comms set-up, etc.)
  • Realtime link to PC in addition to memory download
  • Nnowin software include for Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP


Main Technical Data

Input Voltage

(L1-N) max 600Vrms up to 600Hz, or 600 Volt DC, Input Impedance: 40 MOhm

Overload of Voltage Inputs

max 825 Vrms - Peak voltage 1.17kVolt

Input Current

1 Volt up to 600Hz, Input Impedance: 10 KOhm

Overload of Current Inputs

5 times full scale value(cut-out tripped at limit values)



Number of scales

3 voltage scales, 3 current scales; automatic scale change


80 x 175 x 32.5 mm (without cover)


400g(including batteries)

Kit weight

1.1kg (without instrument)

Power supply

1 x 1.5V batteries(size AA)

Ambient operating temperature

from -20°C to 50 °C

Ambient operating relative humidity (R.H.)

from 20% to 80%

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Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers

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We are the leading supplier and trader of Spectrum Analyzer. A spectrum analyzer or spectral analyzer is a device used to examine the spectral composition of some electrical, acoustic, or optical waveform. It may also measure the power spectrum


There are analog and digital spectrum analyzers:


An analog spectrum analyzer uses either a variable band-pass filter whose mid-frequency is automatically tuned (shifted, swept) through the range of frequencies of which the spectrum is to be measured or a superheterodyne receiver where the local oscillator is swept through a range of frequencies. A digital spectrum analyzer computes the discrete Fourier transform (DFT), a mathematical process that transforms a waveform into the components of its frequency spectrum.

Some spectrum analyzers (such as "real-time spectrum analyzers") use a hybrid technique where the incoming signal is first down-converted to a lower frequency using superheterodyne techniques and then analyzed using fast fourier transformation (FFT) techniques.


  • 1 Spectrum-analyzer functions
  • 1.1 Frequency
  • 1.2 Marker/peak search
  • 1.3 Bandwidth/average
  • 1.4 Amplitude
  • 1.5 View/trace


Usually, a spectrum analyzer displays a power spectrum over a given frequency range, changing the display as the properties of the signal change. There is a trade-off between how quickly the display can be updated and the frequency resolution, which is for example relevant for distinguishing frequency components that are close together. With a digital spectrum analyzer, the frequency resolution is Δν = 1 / T, the inverse of the time T over which the waveform is measured and Fourier transformed. With an analog spectrum analyzer, it is dependent on the bandwidth setting of the bandpass filter. However, an analog spectrum analyzer will not produce meaningful results if the filter bandwidth (in Hz) is smaller than the square root of the sweep speed (in Hz/s), which means that an analog spectrum analyzer can never beat a digital one in terms of frequency resolution for a given acquisition time. Choosing a wider bandpass filter will improve the signal-to-noise ratio at the expense of a decreased frequency resolution.

With Fourier transform analysis in a digital spectrum analyzer, it is necessary to sample the input signal with a sampling frequency νs that is at least twice the highest frequency that is present in the signal, due to the Nyquist limit. A Fourier transform will then produce a spectrum containing all frequencies from zero to νs / 2. This can place considerable demands on the required analog-to-digital converter and processing power for the Fourier transform. Often, one is only interested in a narrow frequency range, for example between 88 and 108 MHz, which would require at least a sampling frequency of 216 MHz, not counting the low-pass anti-aliasing filter. In such cases, it can be more economic to first use a superheterodyne receiver to transform the signal to a lower range, such as 8 to 28 MHz, and then sample the signal at 56 MHz. This is how an analog-digital-hybrid spectrum analyzer works.

For use with very weak signals, a pre-amplifier can be used, although harmonic and intermodulation distortion may lead to the creation of new frequency components that were not present in the original signal. A new method, without using a high local oscillator (LO) (that usually produces a high-frequency signal close to the signal) is used on the latest analyzer generation like Aaronia´s Spectran series. The advantage of this new method is a very low noise floor near the physical thermal noise limit of -174 dBm.

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Sulphur Analyzer

Sulphur Analyzer

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Automatic Sulfur Analyzer Application: It is applicable to the determination of total sulfur content of coal, coke, petroleum and other combustible materials. Compliance with standards: ASTM D 4239-2005 Standard Test Methods for Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke Using High Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion Methods ISO 19579-2006 Solid mineral fuels Determination of sulfur by IR spectrometry Standard layout: SDS212mainframe, Lenovo computer, laser printer Technical parameter: Test Range 0.01%- 32%(which may be extended to 100% when necessary) Precision Conform to ASTM D 4239 Sample Weight 200~500mg Typical Sample Weight (30050)mg Parsing Time 110s Sample Quantity each batch12 Max Power 4kW Temperature Resolution 1 oC Furnace Working Temperature 1300 oC~1350 oC Mainframe Size 822604636mm Net Weight 108kg Voltage AC220V10% 50Hz1Hz Main features: samples placed once, the test procedure is fully automatic. By adopting the ultralow drift infrared pond, after-burning gas circuit design, perfect dust abatement and water trap, the stability and accuracy of the instrument reached the most advanced international level. The test is fast (within 110 seconds). The high-and-low dual sulfur sensor enlarged the application scope of sulfur analysis.
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Urine Analyzer

Urine Analyzer

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  • Cold light source with high luminosity, long shelf life
  • Innovative light sensor, high sensitivity
  • Automatic calibration improves accuracy
  • Flag abnormal results
  • Standard RS232 interface for connection with external computer
  • Storage of 1000 testing results
  • Multi-formats units
  • Built in thermal printer
  • Large LCD screen
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Soil Analyzer Kit

Soil Analyzer Kit

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We are supplying and trading all kind of soil analyzer kits for our customer based on them needs.For efficient use of nutrients in the soil, to test the purity of drinking water and for waste water testing, the company has introduced microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit. This is a unique portable instrument for measurement of various parameters i.e. pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen and mV solution. A chargeable sealed lead acid battery is provided within the kit that makes it extremely useful for field and laboratory use. The use of latest micro controller technology makes it reliable, accurate and low power consuming instrument. The instrument has an automatic decimal positioning, auto buffer recognition and polarity indication and low battery indication facility which eliminated manual errors.

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Humidity Analyzer

Humidity Analyzer

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We are the leading trader & supplier of Humidity Analyzer .engaged in the supply of precision hair hygrometer that are imported from foreign and are widely used for measuring the relative humidity of air. They are designed to perfection and precision engineered consisting of a round plastic housing with a human hair as the measuring element. They render accurate results and are in high demand in the domestic market.


Digital Humidity Meter




  • Barometer, Humidity, Temperature meter, three in one, professional.
  • Barometer unit : hPa, mmHg, inHg.
  • Fast response time for humidity measurement.
  • Atmosphere measurement with high accuracy.
  • Two display can select the four mode ( function ) : Humidity/Temp., Humidity/Dew point, Barometer/Temp., Barometer/Humidity.
  • Bright LCD display.
  • Microprocessor circuit ensures high accuracy and provides special functions and features.
  • Auto power off saves battery life.
  • Operates from DC 1.5V ( UM4/AAA ) x 4 PCs batteries.
  • Durable, long-lasting components, enclosed in strong, compact ABS-plastic housing.
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